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       Braque Lee Photo Studio


“Braque Lee”,期許自己能與George Braque一樣堅持自己的藝術理念,開創屬於自己的獨特。






    Braque Lee who was born in Taipei, Taiwan and completed his master degree in Academy of Art University. He has been in the professional photography career for several years before studying fine art photography in Academy of Art University. Many of his photographs were published in touristic magazines, and many of his portraitures were awarded throughout his career. 


     Be a fine art photographer. He develops a series of self-portraits exploring his soul and the relationship to the world. The images demonstrate a special outfit or attitude for the audiences and create an artists’ identity. His self-portrait depicts who he is based on the way he portrays himself aesthetically and the underlying story told throughout his images.


     Being a wedding photographer, He loves to create his subjects' personal story through imagination and getting a feel for a person. He present the story through images of the people, capturing the body language, setting, and style creates a narrative that inspires the thoughts




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